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Zane's Second Chance- Chapter 14
Zane’s POV:
    I wish I have the guts to admit to myself that Xandra is the most beautiful thing that happened to me in my whole entire, damn life.
    Wait, I just said it.
    Oh well, guess I do have the guts to say so.
    It’s been a bit awkward between Xandra and me after I confessed that I’ll protect her, but I’m not taking anything back. She’s my purpose in my life and I won’t let anyone steal her from me.
    Ha, pathetic. Should have never allowed you to leave yourself be.
    I’m perfectly capable of taking care of myself if that’s what you mean. What was I thinking three years ago, when I agreed to this contract with this crazy Shadow Lord who won’t leave me alone even in my sleep?
    No, that isn’t what I meant, fool. You’re falling for lov
:iconmusicmage209:MusicMage209 12 93
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Never - Zane X Reader
You were at one of Aphmau's parties again, she seemed to do this every two weeks now. It's become a tradition basically. You stifled a laugh as Travis started talking about everybody's butts. He then said  "Okay, Okay remember that one time Katelyn punched me across the street when I accidentally swatted at her butt?" You bursted out laughing. "Travis, noooo!! What have you done!! She's behind you!!" Travis turned right as Katelyn smacked his shoulder. "WHY'D YOU HAVE TO BRING THAT UP?" Travis said in his fake-innocent voice. "Well at least I'm not talking about the time when you kissed me!!" Katelyn turned a light shade of pink. Lucinda smirked from the other side of the room, and said smoothly "Oh don't you bring me into this, I know you want to Katelyn~" Katelyn grunted and walked off stiffly, angered more than usual. You watched, giggling as Travis followed after her and annoyed Katelyn more.  You then looked around, searching for someone to talk to. You noticed Zane sitt
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Don't judge me man

By sienna

  There once was a girl named Alina who lived in a small town called mystreet she enjoyed the winter mostly because she could blend in with the snow as a wolf.she had her pink coat on. she hopped out into the snow and turned into a wolf in the process. She ran through the snow with not a single care she heard crouching from behind her. She was on the cleared sidewalk. She check behind her and then before she could react a net wrapped around her.  
  " gotcha ya lil thing." A man said I stared in fear of what would happen. Suddenly a voice called " Let my dog go." I looked over to see a mans figure I couldn't care. As soon as the neck wrap was off my neck I ran into the mans house. As he explained to the gaurs .. I sat on the couch. I should really pay attention to my surroundings more often. I sat and watched what was on the t.v. It was my little horses. I actually liked this show so I was cool with it. I sat on the couch till I heard the door open then close. I looked over to the entrance and saw a man in a dark Christmas sweater unlike my bright pink and blue one. He had one of his eyes covered with black hair.
  I wasn't gonna die.
I did feel like I was going to though.
 Zane's POV
     One second he thought he was just saving a dog but it was a wolf. She had her ears flat against her head  and her tail was put close next to her. It's a wolf thing just sitting there on his couch.
Alina's POV
 My fur glistening in the  warm light. I jumped off this mans couch and sat on the floor. I was actually somehow tired. I laced down and began to doze and sleep. When I woke up I was on a fluffy blanket in front of me was some water and some pancakes. I ate them as a wolf expect for the water I turned into a human to drink it. I laid my head down on the fluffy blanket. I heard the sound of a door opening and closing. To my surprise it was that man again. He came towards me. But I feel asleep to fast to care about anything.

  There will be a part 2


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